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October 31, 2006

Well we got back from our last trip to Vernon this year. We locked up the house and said farewell until next year. This time Jeff, Heather, and Katelyn came up with us.


Darren is going as a pirate this year. We tested out the costume.


Jack is getting better at going to bed now. I feed him usually around 6 pm and he goes to bed at 7:30. He was having a problem with being left in his crib all alone and I think he might be afraid of the dark. I found that if I left the light on at a low level and gave him a blanket he didn't make a peep and fell right to sleep. It seems to have worked every night since I started it. So the last feed of the night is gone and Darren gave up the last feed at Jack's age too. They are similar it seems.

IMG_1339.JPG IMG_1275.JPG IMG_1286.JPG IMG_1094.JPG

The best part about Jack is that he sleeps in until 10 am and lets mom get her beauty sleep. He also sleeps twice during the day which we will eventually combine into one sleep in the afternoon. Sometimes I have to wake him up in the morning. Awesome I know!

Darren starts swimming lessons next month and hopefully he will enjoy the water more when he learns that it's fun to play with.

IMG_1099.JPG IMG_1182.JPG

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October 03, 2006

Darren was taking a bath and playing with this net he has. He placed his elmo submarine in this net and then emptied the contents into the bath water. I had Jack sitting on my lap at the time and he erupted into uncontrollable laughter. He couldn't get enough of Darren dropping this elmo sub into the water. Darren, of course, happily kept dumping elmo over and over. He thought it was funny that Jack was laughing at it. It's the first time I've heard Jack really laugh like we adults do. I was laughing too.

Jack is ticklish around his neck now and he giggles. It's so cute!

IMG_0271.JPG IMG_0397.JPG IMG_0738.JPG IMG_0772.JPG

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