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August 2008

So our lives have been a little busy eh? We've been through Jack's birthday party, two outings to Vernon, the top of Grouse Mountain and lots of BBQ's.

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Oh and we went to Alaska again but this time Jack came with us!

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Oh ya and Darren has lost 3 teeth so far this summer!

Darren's 5th Bday etc...

Darren enjoyed his birthday at McDonald's. We coloured and played games and opened lots of presents but the cake was the best part of the day.

On top of all that we got a new car on Darren's real birthday and he loves being able to buckle himself in and close his own door now and the DVD is the best part of all.

IMG_4567b.JPG IMG_4583a.JPG

Here's some pics of Jack fooling around with mom. He really likes Darren's digital camera. Maybe he'll be a photographer like mommy one day.

IMG_4562a.JPG IMG_4554a.JPG

We took a trip out to Crescent Beach last week and I finally got a chance to get that bomber jacket worn by at least one kid.

IMG_4621a.JPG IMG_4630a.JPG

Christmas Holidays 2007

Here's some great pics of the kids over the holidays.

IMG_4267a.JPG IMG_4299a.JPG IMG_4270a.JPG IMG_4298a.JPG IMG_4390a.JPG

Darren made this Gingerbread kit with the help of mom. I did the icing and he decorated it all by himself. Jack is starting to say all kinds of words and has a better understanding of what everyone is saying around him now. He and Darren got lots of loot from Santa too. Darren and I have been playing "Go Fish" for about a month now before bed and now he's progressed to playing Texas Hold'em Poker with mom. Every once in a while he likes to play crazy eights but it's too boring for him it seems. Puzzles are still attractive to him and building things with his mega blocks. Jack prefers to play with things that make noise and he's excited about reading before bed. One of his favourite words is "Wow".


Today was the first time I think Jack has really been close to snow. His first impression was to point and say "Wow!". He giggled and then hesitated to go out into the falling snow and as always it's priceless to watch their first times.

IMG_4170.JPG IMG_4181.JPG IMG_4191.JPG IMG_4178.JPG IMG_4167.JPG

Fall is Here!

We've been getting over multiple colds here. Darren was the first to get it and Jack is still getting over his spell of misery. Dave was off work for a couple of days and I got a mild case of it. Ray is sick now so hopefully we will all be over this soon.

Jack is happy go lucky even though he's been sick.


Jack is starting to speak with words like oooh, oops, hi. He's still perfecting his technique on walking straight but he's gained levels in learning the slide thing. This pic is when he was just discovering what that yellow thing was for. Today he discovered the slide at Richmond Centre's playground and loved it immensely with the help of his parents of course. Nap time was very good after that.


Darren is learning to spell words with the letters he's learned but he's liking the educational video games more. He's also learning daddy's game too which is not so good. As he plays on the computer next to dad he hears him dying and says "Did you die again Dad?" Dave growls. Now he gives Dave tips on his game playing which is so funny.

Darren and the family went to see the new Aerospace BCIT Campus here at the airport. He thought it was awesome.



This was by far the best weekend in Vernon we've ever had this year. My cousin Julia and her son, Arlan, came all the way from Germany to visit us here. Becci and her brood of children - Everrah, Elliott, Chloe - and her mother, Sandy were passing through on their way back to Prince George. After all the counting of children and adults there were 13 of us for two days together.

IMG_3531.JPG IMG_3542.JPG IMG_3585.JPG IMG_3631.JPG IMG_3658.JPG IMG_3683.JPG


Here's some pics of my garden! From nothing to lots of flowers!

IMG_2465.JPG IMG_3128.JPG

My corn is almost ready to cut the tops off and then harvest them.


The backyard before and now.

photo500.jpg IMG_3145.JPG

Summer with the kids

Here's some pics of the kids doing what they do best...playing!

IMG_2995a.JPG IMG_3014a.JPG IMG_3041a.JPG IMG_3049a.JPG IMG_3067a.JPG IMG_3050a.JPG

Dad and Dave hanging out on the deck


Here's a couple of Darren posing for the camera.

IMG_2561a.JPG IMG_2977.JPG

Jack took his first steps yesterday!

Jack's Birthday Party

Jack had a good time at his party and he loved the ice cream cake too. Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate his first birthday.

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Vancouver Aquarium

We visited the beluga whales and the other sea creatures that live at the Aquarium today. The funniest part was when the beluga whale splashed us. Jack didn't expect that but Darren & I were prepared for the flow of water that came our way. Jack stopped screaming after I dried him off though.

IMG_2517.JPG IMG_2526.JPG IMG_2538.JPG

We tried on some sunglasses on Jack. That Nicholson guy better watch out!


Hannah Leigh Myhre

My new niece came into the world at 8:30 am May 1st. We visited Simone and baby at Women's hospital today and they are doing fine. She'll be taking Hannah home tomorrow sometime to their new 2 bedroom apartment. Emily is in good spirits and just loves the new baby. Simone's family is helping her by unpacking her things and getting the apartment ready because they just possessed it May 1st. The birth came at the right time eh? Good timing!!!

IMG_2507.JPG IMG_2510.JPG

Straight or Curly?

I recently changed my appearance but alas only for a day or two. Curly hair never goes away.

IMG_2431.JPG Tracy.jpg

Vernon in April

We took our first trip up to Vernon this year. The first two days were good then my luck changed. Darren was fooling around going to bed and my foot slammed into the back of his heel. I think I fractured my second last toe so I've been limping ever since Good Friday.

IMG_2380a.JPG IMG_2421a.JPG IMG_2348a.JPG IMG_2367a.JPG

The bunny was good to Darren this year. He dropped off a Nascar chocolate for him and hid a lot of eggs around the house.

Days of Sunshine!!

We went to the park this weekend! Darren had lots of fun running all over the place and tiring himself out.


Jack enjoys the indoors now that he crawls all over the place. He's even pulled himself up on the furniture on occasion.

IMG_2045a.JPG IMG_2054a.JPG

We also celebrated Emily's 3rd Birthday this month at Tsawwassen Bowling Lanes. She's so cute.

IMG_0808a.JPG IMG_2063a.JPG

I'm 4 now!!!

Thanks goes out to all our family and friends who made this day special for Darren. He really enjoyed himself.

IMG_2001a.JPG IMG_2004a.JPG IMG_2030a.JPG IMG_2032a.JPG IMG_2040a.JPG

He hasn't stopped playing with his new toys yet. He's been so busy he hasn't even asked for his favourite drink all day, Orange Juice. Parents love distractions!

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