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If you have comments, suggestions, or enquiries, please send email to:

Alternatively, you can post in the forum, with attention GrimJack in the subject. This is especially good for questions that can be answered by members, who might answer your question in a more timely manner than I can. Furthermore, future members with similar questions can look up answers on the forum, while access to my personal email is much more difficult to obtain, and comes with the risk of serious retribution.

This site is run on an older machine, the specs for which change now and again, pieced together out of assorted spare parts I happen to have lying around. This batch of mismatched spare parts then runs a webserver that hosts my html files, perl scripts, and everything else the site requires.

The HTML code and scripts that run the site have been either written by me or pieced together from free projects on the internet, which are credited when used. The graphics work, page design, & layout on most of the sites was done by me, whenever I get a free moment.

The site does not generate any income, and wasn't designed to do such. The beauty of a hobby is that it is a labour of love, not necessity. Plus, this way I am not tempted to try quitting my day job to leech off the internet, which I am convinced would quickly become a disaster for everyone involved.

The site has been operational for a number of years now, with the oldest surviving pages being some of the original Proflex / K2 photo galleries, rolled out on Feb 15th, 2001.