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News Archive : December 27, 2007
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Forum software upgrade
Sometimes it seems like I'm only seriously ever in here every few years... I guess that isn't, or shouldn't be, too big of a surprise, after all I haven't owned or ridden a Proflex or a K2 for years now.

Well, the day has finally come. YaBB was more than a little long in the tooth to begin with, and the security issues were starting to pile up, AND I couldn't seem to upgrade to any newer versions. So, I guess I'll put it out of my misery and switch to something new.

There are some advantages to new software, to say the least. YaBB was, in it's day, some of the most advanced forum software available. Now, it's old and clunky, using files on the local hard drive to store each message, member profile, and PM isn't the best idea ever. All modern software uses a database backend and a web front end, meaning, better performance and less CPU usage on my end.

I will be testing the new software and it's conversion routine over the next few weeks.
Posted by GrimJack at December 27, 2007 07:51 PM