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And another year rolls by..


Its that time of year again where we tend to look back over the past years(s) and contemplate that and also what may the future hold.
For me I have retired from my job as a frame and truss detailer.27 years in the same profession .Its time to do the above..
So merry xmas and happy new year to my fellow proflex ers.My 756 sits in my basement with a worn out bottom bracket. Maybe its time to get the thing out and about again!

Yes, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all PRO~FLEXers!

all of my PRO~FLEX stable has had a rest this year, and not much cycling done overall, but that little has been on my Genesis CDF gravel bike or my Marin Pine Mountain "Pub-Bike"........

... Good intentions to build up an Oz for "proper" MTBing, but we'll have to see..........

Best Wishes to all!



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