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Elastomers rebuild kit.


Hello proflexers:
For quite some time that i am thinking to replace the coil springs of my 856, to a elastomer rebuild kit. I allways felt that the conversion to coil springs made my bike stiff. So maybe if i replace the springs with elastomers, despite keep the suspension as more original as possible, but also improove the performance.
What are your feedback about the ? Are they worthable?
Many thanks in advance.

The problem is the ealstomers are no longer avaiable and havent been for a long time.They all deterioted to the point they were completely unuseable.

I replaced the Elastomers on the ODS's on my XP-X (856) with SpeedSpring Coils within a few months of buying it new in 1997 and never regretted it.
I then subsequently replaced the rear ODS with a Noleen NR-2 and that was even better.
I used Titanium coils and they didn't weigh much more than the elastomers!

Oooh, I've just realised that that makes my XP-X 25 years old this year!


 I had finally saved enough play money to get the N1 for the vector II on my 855. I'm not sure the weight rating on the spring Nollen supplied it seems stiff. Weird how a place I can drive to in an hour and a half took over three months to get my shock to me >:(. I'll stop at that. I might change the spring of my 757 and try it. it seems more forgiving.


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