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Reader's bikes: post your pride and joy here!

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Just starting this after a suggestion in another section. Let's see if it gets used. If it does it'll tend to be towards the top of the pile and may even be made a sticky, but let's see how it goes.

So, post here your pride and joy and tell us a bit about it ;)

Here's mine to start. My last remaining Proflex (I had 4 at one point and have owned 6 in total). It's an 855. Possibly, allegedly previously owned by one of the Grewal brothers, World Champion riders. Not sure on that though...

These images are from Cannock Chase (UK) last year at an event erstwhile member here Kneedowndean also attended on his Beast.


My 555- All original bits, bar the pedals and bar ends (never used the short Girvin ones, which now probably adorn Slim's 555- ain't gone far from the tree!)

Still had the yellow elastomers when I took this pic- was the search for new ones which originally led me here.


This is my 4000. I bought it new in January '98 when they first came out. I upgraded the forks and changed the shocks from NR5's to NR2 on the front and NR4 on the rear. Wheels, brakes, bars and saddle,etc followed in time. When I bought this bike I originally wanted a 857 so...

 This is my 857. I bought off ebay last summer from a guy in Norwich CT, USA. It was advertised as 'Very good condition' but when it arrived it looked brand new. It has 'TEST RIDE'  on the frame under the laquer,which I hadn't noticed in the photo. When I enquired this is what the guy said:
Near where he lives there was a main Prolex dealer. When the factory shut down all remaining stock was bought by this shop. This bike was a factory test bike that was never used. He bought it from the shop but never used it also. How true I dont know, but I got a new 857 for 200. The chain had never been oiled and the rims have never been braked on.  Result!

Bought when new in 1996. Still have all the original paperwork and stuff.

Rear susp. change. I think I need a stiffer rear spring so not much seat time with it yet.


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