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use this thread to find some old helpful holder!


Fear not good folk,the old stickies have been set free for a time to unclutter the sticky area for now.Click the link below to read and or post in them.I can re sticky them later once the forum has settled down again

how to acess the forum when the links werent broken

some help with Icons

iron horse contact for parts

gallery link

New source for K2 parts

K2 has a lot of kits for Proflex and Older Model K2 Bikes. Mostly everything except the disc brake adapter. They also have hangers as well.

Currently the new company is sourcing elastomers to sell inside the USA and should have them in the next two months

The new K2 contact information is:

Phone: 1.631.780.5360

K2 MTB specifications 1999

Unofficial K2 MTB information page

Both courtesy Kiwi


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