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Newbies ,please read for background and welcome!.


Welcome.You have found the cyberspace refugees of the Proflex/K2 Tech Forum.
Many moons ago proflex had a tech forum on their own Website but some time around the time K2 rebranded the company the tech forum disappeared.It has survived in three or four guises until we find ourselves under the wing of ID riders.ID riders is a site run for us by Dave who has been a proflex/K2  owner,I guess thats how we end up here.
We have recently moved to this new smf forum
To help keep our members list representative of actual K2/proflex enthusiasts, please personalise your profile a little bit(location,signature etc),so that I can differentiate you from the robot regiterees,who I go through and delete now and then.You dont need to be too specific and you can hide your email too.Non members cannot view member details(another reson why i like to keep our member list "genuine").
The roboo registerees are ussually recogniseable by name and type of name but also because their profiles have asolutely no "personal" information and their sig is blank.
So sign up and post away,cos thats another feild i look at before I push them back into cyberspace!
Oh and welcome again!
We only have the one forum,post away,OT is ok,but hopefully it will be partly cycle related!


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