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POST BUY SELL WANT,proflex and K2 finds here!

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OK guys this is a sticky where you can reply and paste links to any interesting stuff for sale.
Obviously the idea it is K2 or Proflex related,be it frames forks whole bikes or aftermarket parts for our bikes
It doesnt have to be Ebay and since where are a whole of the World forum i guess it can be items for sale from anywhere
I will come through every now and then and remove the outdated links
If a long discussion ensues i may start a new thread about the particular item,ie the team bike thread

Anybody after some elastomers have a look here:

Just had a great few days biking in the Lake District and popped into Bike Treks in Ambleside for old times' sake and it turns out they have a few old Proflex parts lying about - seals, bushes, derailleur hangers, a few odds and sods (half a carrier bag full he said). I asked if it was OK if I mentioned it here and they said fine, so that's what I'm doing. Give them a bell if you need small Proflex parts - you just never know they may have what you need.

Hi guys, if its a hanger you need, get on to betd in newcastle-under-lyme as they make new machined ones for all proflex frames. (and the prices arn't that bad either).

buzz lightyear:
Hi help im a forum virgin, my NR4 has just lost its damping and sounds strange.
can anyone tell  me where to go for a repair/replacement.

i used noleen shock service as suggested, great result !!!


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