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I just stumbled across this handy little website that allows you to add your location to a map of fellow Proflexors. I created a link just for us:

You have to register just like any other forum. All it asks is an email address and a zip code. This is not a replacement for this forum, I just liked the map function so that we can see where we all are on one big map! Try it. The map includes the whole world. You may have to zoom out using the scroll bar on the left to see all of it. Also, you can pan across the map just by clicking and dragging it.

This way, if you want to go to visit, say, the Bronx, you can click on the tab nearest your destination and see that it's me! I really like the idea of facilitating more "Proflex meetings." Will and Simon got me fired up. My own experience meeting, riding with, and becoming friends with Thunderchild right here on this forum 5 years ago was awesome (although I moved before he got his Oz and still haven't seen it!)

Dennis, you and I should go for a ride some time, we're really not that far apart! (Plus, I really want to see your carbon beauty!)

Cool, I'm there!


im on!

I'm there. In this part there is good riding if I travel east. Or opposit to the west in Michigan outside of Detroit.

So am I  ;)


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