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How long (and who,how,when, and why)have you ridden Pro-Flex/K2?

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Hey guys...

How long have you guys ridden your Pro-Flex?  When did you first hear about them and how much bikes have you owned (Pro-Flex bikes that is).  

As for me...I been a massive fan since 1996 when I first saw the 756 and 856 at a Bike store in London Ontario.  I had a 856 in 1997 for a few weeks...I was in LOVE with the bike.  In Dec of 2004 I bought a 957 (as you all know) - my fav bikes of all time - I love it!  I know there are new bikes out there that are better than my 957...but I really don't care...I love everything about my 9...its the old inner Jinder reaching out to my youth... [smiley=nod.gif]

I remember reading about Girvin/Proflex bikes for years.  I started out in the days when pretty much everything was rigid. The year after I bought my first bike (now my tourer), I remember seeing suspension forks. I almost bought a Girvin flexstem back in the day.

Then...I was reading a mag and I saw a pic of the then K2 5500/Oz. Man, I was hooked. too bad it was soooo expensive. This must have been in 1999. I don't remember exactly when, but I do remember hunting them down for a while, hoping the price would drop. Then, one day in 2001 or so, maybe 2000, I noticed a frameset on ebay. so, I thought about it. I was lucky enough that I didn't delay too long (which is what I normally do), and was able to get one. It was one of the last ones that had.

Then,during the year or so it took for me to get all the parts and the paint job sorted out, I found this website, and man, what a huge help its been.

anyway, that's my K2 story. Of course, I'm leaving out the part where I turned a mongoose frame (ebay for 60 bucks) into a front susp. mtb with a xlink, in the days when I thought the xlink was the best thing going. now, that bike is dead (anyway want to buy the frame?) and I am totally into carbon and slider forks.


I had a roommate with an 856 back in the day (1996). It squeaked like crazy, but rode so smoothly that it was amazing to behold. He won some pretty big races in the west on that bike. I got a MtnTek hardtail about the same time (All STX components) - my first MTB. Didn't make the switch to full suspension until 2000 - the summer before I got married. I was set on building up a Jamis Dakar frame, but borrowed my future father-in-law's 98 5000 one day and was convinced it was the better ride. Supergo happened to have the same frame on clearance for $400, and the rest is history. Unfortunately, just a month later, Ediscountbike dumped a bunch of all-carbon frames for $500, which I certainly would have gone for, but I can't say I've had any other regrets...

Bought a second, matching 5000 on ebay in 2001 for my wife. XTR drivetrain, race face LP cranks, Mavic Crosslink wheels, etc for $450 on ebay. A screaming deal at the time (and still not bad!)

AWESOME STORYS.... come one guys... everyone now.. :)

ok around xmas 1995 i rode a freinds diamond back hardtail(mostly xt equipped}.It was SO much nicer than my old giant sedona rigid.I started looking and soon realised i could buy an xt hardtail or a FS lx quality bike.About that time  I read a mba shoot out test of FS bikes and a proflex 656 was the champ(under 1000 fs bikes????).So i came to look at proflex,s and that shiny girvin fork had me hooked.Decided to up the ante and get a 756 as it looked more upgradeable(i was right for once)So in about march or April 1996 I shelled out 2500 nz dollars and ....................


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