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Brake Boosters Anyone?

    Hi Group, I haven't posted in a while I'll keep it short. I scored some new Magura hs 11 for latest build (now complete) But I couldn't find any old school brake boosters anywhere. Sooo I had a couple dozen lazer cut and powder coated that will be for sale on ebay.

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Carbon Crosslink Sizes

Hi Proflexers!
How many sizes of Noleen carbon crosslinks are there? I thought there are just 2 but I'm no expert.  I have seen a set with a 275mm steerer tube , but will this fit a way large 856 frame? ( Xp8)
Cheers !

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And another year rolls by..

Its that time of year again where we tend to look back over the past years(s) and contemplate that and also what may the future hold.
For me I have retired from my job as a frame and truss detailer.27 years in the same profession .Its time to do the above..
So merry xmas and happy new year

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Elastomers rebuild kit.

Hello proflexers:
For quite some time that i am thinking to replace the coil springs of my 856, to a elastomer rebuild kit. I allways felt that the conversion to coil springs made my bike stiff. So maybe if i replace the springs with elastomers, despite keep the suspension as more original as p

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Facebook group?

Rumour has it there's a FB group. Anyone have an address? A couple minutes searching turned up not much, but Facebook search is... well, FB search.  :)

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