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Last additions
130 viewsMay 24, 2010
Brand new small size animal127 viewsThis was a frame I found on craigslist along with some other brand new NOS parts. Purportedly from his grandpop's garage and dealt out of the back of his car. New, never built up frame that just might get built yet what with an extra fork now.May 23, 2010
Late 95 early 96 Beast sourced from idriders (thankewthankewthankew)125 viewsThis is the one that I found on craigslist semi-locally and swapped out the large frame for a medium. The large was recycled along with the box the medium came in. =( Happily that was resolved. The former owner's LBS shouldn't be allowed to work on Proflexes or anything more complicated than a small rock. Luckily they didn't do any actual damage but they didn't know where to put the parts or how to assemble the bike. They were pretty good salesmen though as they sold a large to a small guy.May 23, 2010
Proflex 855112 viewsBought new at the beginning of 96 and had the LBS outfit it with Maguras. Added a Noleen NR2 and carbon fork (craigslist and swapmeet finds) recently. Needs a bath after the last ride. Still love riding it.May 23, 2010
mid eighties Bianchi Rekord 74898 viewsI was working at the LBS and this bent up 748 came in the door. Seems the manly girl got po'd at the girly girl and wrapped the top tube around a handrail. Contrition set in and she bought a new Bertin frame and I bought this frame and fork for 19 dollars. Brazed a nail to the dented tt and pulled it straight and popped the dent out. Repainted it stolen red and rode it for years before making it a fixie. Sorely tempted to dig out the old parts and convert it back to ten gears.May 23, 2010
89 viewsPage05May 20, 2010
85 viewsPage06May 20, 2010
78 viewsPage07May 20, 2010
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