Server Information
This box is the host to several different web communities. Click here to go to the server home page, where a link to most of the communities can be found.

This is a single Windows XP box, running Sambar to serve up web content. At one time or another, it has hosted a mail server and an FTP server as well, but these are not currently installed. It's box put together literally from spare parts I had lying around the house, consisting of an Intel Pentium II running at 300Mhz, with 120Gigs of hard drive storage and 256 Mb of RAM. Yes, I am a rather serious computer geek, and I realize that not many average folks have that type of spare equipment just lying around the house.

The URL that points to this box costs me a grand total of $40USD / year, which is not a huge expense in my opinion - a friend of mine once said with a smile, "Hell, I spend more money on cookies every week!"

Most of the HTML code, and a fair bit of the perl code that is hosted on this server was written by me. Exceptions are noted where they are used, of course. I run this box and the sites on it purely for entertainment, I make no money on the service, and charge nothing to use it. I do derive a large amount of pleasure from hosting a web community that functions extremely well, with responsible, helpful members.

The name Cynosure is not my invention, by any stretch. This is the name of a city in a comic book story titled Grimjack, written by John Ostrander, art by Tim Truman, Tom Sutton, Tom Mandrake, and Flint Henry, first published in 1984. A Google search on John Ostrander and Grimjack will pull up all sorts of interesting info on the series if you are interested.